Mexico: COVID-19 - Emergency Button has been implemented in the State of Jalisco

In brief

Today the Government of the State of Jalisco announced the activation of the ''emergency button'', that determines the following implementation criteria in all of the State of Jalisco.


Key takeaways

Covering Period (14 days)

  • Initiating on October 30, 2020 at 19:00 hours
  • Concluding on Friday November 13, 2020 at 5:59 am

Suspension time

  • Monday to Friday: 19:00 hours to 6:00 am of the following day
  • Weekends: From 6:00 am to the following Monday.

Industrial Activities Affecting My Company: The intention behind the emergency button is not to halt the economy nor the industrial activity. Industries will be able to carry on their activities and logistic operations, as long as they have their own transport service. In the case of public transport only those who prove and present a valid identification of the workplace will be able to take the same during the weekends or in the restricted schedule; additionally, those who work in services of private and public security will need to wear their uniforms.

Companies that have night shifts or / on suspension hours should consider reschedule entry and exit work shifts to adjust them to the service hours in public transportation.

Essential activities may continue operating business as usual.

Exception - Puerto Vallarta will only suspend activities during the night time.

Monday to Sunday from 20:30 hours to 6:00 am on the following day.














The suspension period of the weekend commences at 19:00 hours

Suspension period during the weekend.

Suspension period during the weekend.

Night time suspension commences at 19:00 hours

Night time suspension

Night time suspension

Night time suspension

Night time suspension

Suspension period during the weekend.

Suspension period during the weekend.

Night time suspension

Night time suspension

Night time suspension

Last night of the night time suspension

End of the night time at 5:59 am



Detail of the suspension

Activities that are suspended during the night time and weekends

  • Economic and commercial activities and services, excepting industry and hotels.
  • Workshops, spare parts store and any terchnical service.
  • Malls and trade corridors.
  • Supermarkets, price clubs and store departments.
  • Public markets and outdoor markets.
  • Corporate offices.
  • Cultural, recreational and sport activities.
  • Sport units and urban forest.
  • Religious ceremonies and activities.
  • Gatherings of more than 10 people
  • Private social events
  • Transport services under a platform (e.g. Uber, Didi, etc)

Permitted activities at night and on weekends

  • Hospital services, private or public medical equipment's
  • Grocery and convenience store (e.g. dairy, butchery)
  • Pharmacy, clinics, laboratories and veterinarians
  • Industry and its logistic operation.
  • Basic energy services, water, private and public telecommunications.
  • Postal service, shipping and handling.
  • Gas station
  • Insurance agents.
  • Taxi services, no platforms
  • Restaurants, only for takeaway or through platforms.
  • Hotels, without any activity in the common areas
  • Public transport limited to specific regulation.
  • Airports and bus terminals.
  • Funeral services.

Public Transport - during the week

  • Monday to Friday suspended from 20:59 to 5:30 of the following day.
  • After 20:59 hours circulation of units will only be permitted to allow passengers drop off.
  • Platform services can only operate from Monday to Friday from 5:30 am until 19:59 hours. Service is suspended during the weekend.

Public Transport - weekend

Public transport is suspended from Friday at 21:00 hours and until 5:30 hours of the following Monday.

Services from transport networks and platforms

Taxi services - not platforms.

Service of public transport only to the following users: hospital, pharmacy personnel, private and public security, gas station, basic service teams, postal services, funeral services. An ID to prove the work place will be required to board.

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